These half-day sessions (3h/4h) are open to all levels of difficulty and will take you to discover the best boulders of Sintra through the hands of experienced local guides.


We will try out a series of boulders adjusted to your level, analyze your technique and fine-tune all the small details such as foot placement, body balance, ways to grab the holds and not least, work-out the problem solving sequence of a given boulder.

Types of tours and prices

     • Individual (1 person) = 80€ : One to one guided session oriented specifically for you! You'll be able to choose the sector/boulders you want to go to, dictate the pace of the day and the time spent in each spot. Ideal for those traveling alone and/or wanting to take a more intensive bouldering class.


     • Couples (2 to 3 persons) = 50€ / person : Tour specially oriented for couples or small groups of up to 3 people who want to discover the best boulders of Sintra with a local guide just for them. They will be able to choose the sector/boulders they want to go and manage the rhythm of the day freely.


   • Groups (4 to 10 persons) = 40€ / person : Bouldering class designed for groups of people with varied climbing experience. A circuit of boulders adjusted to their level is chosen and the class is oriented by the local guide.

What's included:

  • Experienced local climbing guide and coaching
  • Climbing gear: crashpads, rock climbing shoes and chalk
  • Activity Insurance

What you will get:

  • Improve your rock climbing technique
  • Increase your bouldering experience and confidence
  • Get the most of your stay in Sintra
  • Enjoy the best boulders on your level
  • You get all the insights from an experienced local guide

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Our local guides


Group 6

Ricardo “Macau” Alves

Founder of Boulder Sintra and author of the Sintra Bouldering Guidebook, he knows the Sintra mountains like the back of his hand. Avid explorer, he discovered and established many of Sintra's classics. Climber and photographer with more than 20 years of experience, he has been one of the great ambassadors of the bouldering in Portugal and his photographs have already been awarded and published in several national and international magazines.

Group 7

João “Rasta” Magalhães

Veteran guide in Sintra and Cascais for over 10 years, he is one of the local climbers that most contributed to the bouldering development in the region. His great experience in guiding people and sympathy are the characteristics that distinguish him.

Group 8

Rita Ribeiro Silva

Photographer and friendly local guide, she always finds the best way to solve the boulders for the girls. Her many years of experience climbing in Sintra, combined with a calm personality, make the day light and fun!



  • Is the best way to get Vitamin D
  • Boosts your immunity
  • Is a full-body workout
  • Increases your self-esteem
  • Improves memory, problem-solving and concentration
  • Improves your mental wellbeing, reducing stress and anxiety
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